Large Extruder Disks


These extruder disks are available in  5.4cm.

Each sold separately.  Not all Extruder disks are shown in the cover image.

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Triangle, Cow, Elephant, Person, Snowflake, Pumpkin, Bell, Palm Fronds, Fish, Moon, Owl, Dolphin, Bird, Branch, Camel, Bat, Bear, Cat, Dog, FlyingBird, Lion, Seagull, TreeTop, 5 Pointed Stars (7), 4 Pointed Stars (3), Penguins, Bigfoot, Wolf, Tea Cup, Treeline, Small Fir Tree, Large Fir Tree, 3 Moons, Cactus, Cloud, Mountain, Leaves, Witch Hat, Shoe

$6.00 CAD

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